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Are there any limitations when copying games with Game-Cloner 2?

Yes. When you copy games with Game-Cloner 2, you must note the following things:

  1. Wii games are all in the DVD-5 format, and the common drives on the PC CANNOT recognize this kind of game discs. So Game-Cloner 2 CANNOT read the genuine game data, make the ISO files or copy game discs unless you have one of the following drives: LG-8164b, LG-8163b, LG-8162b, or LG-8161b.
  2. PS3 games are all in the Blu-ray format and the common Blu-ray drives CANNOT read the contents. At present, you can only use LITEON DH-401S and BENQ BR1000 drives to read the contents directly without need to crack the discs first. Game-Cloner 2 can read the ISO files directly with the drives mentioned above and burn them to BD-Rs or DVD-Rs. Then you can play the games on the cracked PS3 console.
  3. For PS3 game copy, besides the ISO file burn function, you can also burn a game folder on the hard disk (including the data in its subdirectory). The ideal situation is like this: You need to first copy the games on the cracked PS3 host to its built-in hard disk and transfer them to the PC with the FTP protocol. Then you can burn the game folder to a blank disc with Game-Cloner 2 for distribution.
  4. Xbox 360 games are generally in the DVD-9 format and the common DVD drives CANNOT read the ISO files completely unless you transfer the drive on the Xbox 360 console to the PC and then update its firmware. Then you can play the games on a cracked Xbox 360 host. Meanwhile, its volume can sometimes exceed that of a DVD+R DL, but there will be no problem to ignore this.
    Note: Burning Xbox 360 games will need to change the DVD+R booktype. At present, only RICOH, BENQ, BTC, LITE-ON, LG and PLEXTOR burners support this function. Other burners CANNOT guarantee successful burn.
  5. Generally, PC games can all be copied. However, the copied PC games will only function when combined with the crack patch, such as No-CD Patch.