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How to realize the real game copy?

Over the recent years, the electronic products have been springing up with a stunning speed. Games, as one of the most important derivatives, have attracted a huge crowd of young people. Here we simply have a review of something to know when copying games and how to achieve real game copy.

Games can not be copied as simply as ABC because they are protected with terribly strict encryption techniques to prevent from piracy. We mainly refer to the following four kinds of game copy: Wii game copy, PS3 game copy, Xbox 360 game copy and PC game copy.

Wii games are all in the DVD-5 format. To copy Wii games or make ISO files with Game-Cloner 2, you must have one of the following LG drives to read the genuine game contents: LG-8164b, LG-8163b, LG-8162b, or LG-8161b. As for the burn speed, 6X is preferable. To achieve high quality, HP DVD+R 16X is recommended. PS3 games are all in the Blu-ray format. If you want to copy PS3 games with Game-Cloner 2, you must use LITEON DH-401S or BENQ BR1000 drives to read the genuine game data and then burn to a BD-R or DVD-R. After all these are finished, the PS3 games can be played on a cracked PS3 host. Xbox 360 games are generally in the DVD-9 format. The common DVD drives can not read the genuine game data completely unless you transfer the drive on the Xbox 360 host to the PC and update the firmware. However, when burning Xbox 360 games, the DVD+R booktype must be changed. At present, only RICOH, BENQ, BTC, LITE-ON, LG and PLEXTOR burners support this function. The copied games can only run on a cracked Xbox 360 host. If you are not sure whether your PS3 or Xbox 360 host has been cracked, please stop copying. You can search in Google to learn how to crack the PS3 or Xbox 360 host. In addition, during Xbox 360 game copy, the power supply should be emphasized. To improve the game copy efficiency, you'd better unplug the extra hard drive, external hard drive, USB device, etc or try to change a supply port for the drive. As for the burn speed, 2.4X or 2X is preferable. Generally speaking, PC games can all be copied. But if you want to play the copied games, you need to tie the games with patches such as No-CD Patch.

The contents above are only some tips and suggestions about Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game copy with Game-Cloner 2. For more information about game copy and crack, you can search in Google for yourself.