Real Game Copy Software

Copy PS3 games, PS2 games, Xbox 360 games, Wii games and PC games easily.

What are the main features of Game-Cloner 2?

  1. Supports for the whole-disc game copy.
  2. Creates ISO files from the original game disc.
  3. Copies the ISO file from the hard disk to a blank disc.
  4. Supports for various game copy – PS3 copy, PS2 copy, Xbox 360 copy, Wii copy and PC copy.
  5. Supports dual-layer 8.5GB DVD game copy.
  6. Burns a game directory from the hard disk to a BD-R or DVD-R during the PS3/PS2 games copy.
  7. Supports for reading .dvd files from the hard disk during the Xbox 360 game copy.
  8. Defines a temporary directory to save the copied games.
  9. Sets the burn speed.
  10. Verifies data after the burn is finished.
  11. Supports a variety of burners.


1. Click here to learn the limitations about the drive, burner, etc.
2. Click here to learn how to realize the real game copy.